Friday Night Jews at Brown University

Friday Night Jews (or FNJ)

is a non-denominational, pluralistic group of Jewish students at Brown who get together biweekly on Shabbat to build community and discuss topics related to Jewish identity, politics, and activism. Our goal is to make these conversations accessible to all students regardless of political or religious background and to give us an opportunity to learn from each other. We seek to be accessible to and welcoming of Jews of different levels of observance, and are rooted in and guided by ever-evolving and open-minded interpretations of Jewish tradition and practice. We especially want to welcome Jews who are looking for a community and do not feel welcome in many Jewish institutional spaces on campus and elsewhere.

We feel that it is important to have a space that is run by and for students in order to facilitate open conversations around Jewish identity and politics. We are non-hierarchical, and seek to encourage all of our members, from first-years to graduate and medical students, to suggest topics of discussion and facilitate conversations. We also hope to build partnerships with other affinity, faith, and/or political groups on campus and in the Providence community. As one of the largest and most established non-institutional Jewish spaces on a college campus, we seek to be a model for similar groups on other campuses, and to foster a network of new Jewish communities on campuses nationwide.