Occidental’s Jewish Student Union


Our purpose is to create and maintain a space for self-identified progressive Jews at Oxy to productively discuss and act on issues surrounding Jewish identity, Israel-Palestine, and the Jewish role in social justice. We aim to build a community separate from the institutional Jewish life that conflates Judaism with unchecked support for Israel and continues to receive support from donors we see as problematic. We seek to create a community that examines issues integral to the uniqueness of the Occidental Jewish experience. We recognize the lack of a diverse Jewish discourse and seek to create a group for students that feel unrepresented by the current Jewish groups on campus.

Jewish Student Union is built on the foundation of Jewish values Tikkun Olam (repairing the world), Tzedek (justice), and machlokes l'shem shamayim (productive dialogue). It is with these values at the forefront that we seek to establish an engaged and meaningful Jewish community. The cornerstone of our group is the intersection of progressive political and cultural values and Judaism. In practice, we will foster this community through an in depth understanding of anti-semitism, white supremacy, and how Jews interact with systems of power and oppression as well as relevant dialogue based programs and co-sponsoring events with other Oxy groups.