Nishmat at the Claremont Colleges is a student-run, student-oriented Jewish community reclaiming ritual and collectivity in the name of joy, consciousness, and liberation.

Through active dialogue with our tradition, we enhance our relationship with ourselves, our practice, and our communities. We see the unique power of young Jews in standing at the forefront of emerging Jewish practices. We create space in which Jews of all backgrounds can feel complete and needed in all their identities and beliefs. We ground ourselves in a Judaism of circumstance; we see Jewish history and Jewish traditions as constantly changing and in dialogue with the needs and desires of the current community, while still rooted in the ancient memory passed down to us. We believe in an active Judaism, not a reactionary one. As young people, we have inherited the power to define for ourselves what is meaningful, what is true, and what is holy.

We invest ourselves in a living Judaism, one that stems not from kitsch, anxiety, or assimilation. We believe that living fully as a Jew involves embracing multiple spheres of being, and furthermore, that bringing these many full identities together has the power to teach the world a more profound way of viewing it and ourselves. This is how Jewishness has been, and this is how we believe it should be.